“Via Picco Tre Signori”, installazione video 2012


Via Picco tre signori

video loop 6’.00’’

Via Picco Tre Signori è una via del quartiere Città Giardino a nord di Roma.

E’ la via della casa d’infanzia di Lidia una signora di ottanta anni che ha sempre abitato qui.

Lidia disegna e racconta pezzetti di vita vissuta in questa strada. Mentre parla, mi accorgo che la città è disegnata sul suo viso, con le strade, le case e le storie del quartiere che  le vengono alla mente mentre  alza gli occhi per fissare un punto in alto sul bianco del soffitto del suo salotto per aiutarsi a ricordare  o mentre sorride.

Maria Chiara Calvani 




English version

Via Picco Tre Signori is a work dedicated to my city: Rome
Via Picco Tre Signori is a street very close to my house in Nomentano quarter.
In this street there is Lidia’s Home. Lidia is a 80’s years old. Is an old funny women. She lives alone in her house.
Lidia used to tell me about her childhood, the lifestyle at her time, her friends, her little activities and games made by her and her friends in the street.
I filmed her face during her telling and I focused my attention in her wrinkles. Her skin looks like at the map with streets square and park. During her telling she stops think about her past, looks at the ceiling, think to something it’s impossible to tell me maybe some love, some secret….
At the end I asked her to draw what she told me. She also drown the map of the street where she lived “Via Picco tre Signori” using her memory…. I filmed everything.
The Phase of editing it was for me to important. I would like to create a link between Lidia and her city. I split in two the screen in one I’ve edited Lidia during her telling. I separated Lidia voice from Lidia’s face and I edit some second of telling in Lidia’s pause in order to create a displacement for the audience. When Lidia talks there is no audio but when she is in pause I edit audio. At the other side I edit Lidia during her drawing but the object drowned by her does not correspond at the object she described in her telling. I deconstructed the action, the video imagines, and the telling in order to describing memory. Memory is not linear and usually when you are thinking to something magically appears something opposite or that has not have anything to do with it.
The process of call to mind something is not rational, nor linear, it is extraordinary and based on the divergent approach….of mind to thinking.
At the end the film stops in a fermo image Lidia’s face, at the same time the drowing of the street drown by Lidia dissolved in to a map. Those are similar.
Lidia become her map and the map become Lidia. The city is look like to Lidia and Lidia look like the city. So the last think: people look like to the city in which their live ? Yes or no?


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